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Battery Size Charts


ALLIS CHALMERS Forklift Battery


BARRETT Forklift Battery


BENDI Forklift Battery


BIG JOE Forklift Battery


BLUE GIANT Forklift Battery


BT Forklift Battery


CAT Forklift Battery


CLARK Forklift Battery


CROWN Forklift Battery


DAEWOO Forklift Battery


DOCKSTOCKER Forklift Battery


DOOSAN Forklift Battery


DREXEL Forklift Battery


ELWELL-PARKER Forklift Battery


GREGORY Forklift Battery


HOIST Forklift Battery


HYUNDAI Forklift Battery


HYSTER Battery




KALMAR Forklift Battery


KOMATSU Forklift Battery




LINDE Forklift Battery


MITSUBISHI Forklift Battery


NISSAN Forklift Battery




RAYMOND Forklift Battery


SCHAEFF Forklift Battery


SCHRECK Forklift Battery


TCM Forklift Battery


TOYOTA Forklift Battery


TUSK Forklift Battery


YALE Forklift Battery


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Tusk Forklift Battery Sizes Price and Checkout:

1.    Select battery from the chart below.

2.    Click on the Battery Model in Blue for price.



  Forklift Specs Coming Soon

  Click here for pdf versions: Forklift Battery Selectors






















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12v Forklift Batteries

6-85-11 battery

6-85-13 battery

6-100-13 battery

6-125-13 battery


24v Forklift batteries

12-85-5 battery

12-85-7 battery

12-85-13 battery

12-85-15 battery

12-85-17 battery

12-85-19 battery

12-85-21 battery

12-85-23 battery


24v Forklift Batteries for Stand Up forklifts and Order Pickers

12-100-13 battery

12-125-11 battery

12-125-13 battery

12-125-15 battery

12-125-17 battery


36v Forklift Batteries

18-85-13 battery

18-85-15 battery

18-85-17 battery

18-85-19 battery

18-85-21 battery

18-85-23 battery

18-85-25 battery

18-85-27 battery

18-85-29 battery

18-85-31 battery

18-85-33 battery


36v Reach Truck Batteries

18-125-11 battery

18-125-13 battery

18-125-15 battery

18-125-17 battery


36v Batteries

18-100-17 battery

18-100-21 battery


48v Forklift Batteries

24-85-13 battery

24-85-15 battery

24-85-17 battery

24-85-19 battery

24-85-21 battery

24-85-25 battery

24-85-27 battery

24-125-13 battery