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9/2/08: Page load time

Problem: GB Web Pages - Images taking too long to load on the web using DSL.


Solution: We have reduced the size of the images by 75% and tested all of the common pages (including this page) on the slowest DSL connection we have. File sizes were reduced by 50% to 75%, and load times have reduced significantly. Anyone still using dialup should see a vast improvement.


8/28/08 Additional Web Server

The purpose of this notification is to inform you that we have completed the build and the roll out of our newest server which runs Psoft stock default software on CentOS 4.6 Final Operating System. If you have issues with the above instructions and you are a Reseller, kindly contact support



The purpose of this notification is to inform you of an operational change on how SSH logins will be handled onto our servers effective Friday September 26th at 9.00 P.M EST.


The operational change will only affect those using SSH in order to login to our servers and manage their documents through issuing of SSH commands.  The operational change does not affect any other users, such as anyone who uses FTP or secure FTP (SFTP) based programs to manage their documents.


Due to the difficulty with managing SSH IP ranges and lack of a Control Panel tool to allow each client who uses SFTP/SSH to update their connecting IP address at will, we are therefore relaxing the rule of connecting SFTP connections.  The IP address will no longer be an issue if you are simply SFTP’ing into the server in order to manage your website.  As such, updating your IP Range with support will no longer be required, as you will be able to connect from anywhere.


If you utilize SSH however, the system will only accept RSA key based authentications effective Friday September 26th at 9.00 P.M EST.  Up until Friday September 26th at 9.00 P.M EST, you will be able to fully utilize both password based logins as well as key based logins in order to login via SSH and properly update your environment for the RSA authentication requirements.



The purpose of this email communication is to inform you of a maintenance window scheduled for Friday, August 29th, 2008 beginning at 9:00 PM EST (0100 GMT). NaviSite Engineers will be performing maintenance on the server. This is part of NaviSite's ongoing program of periodically testing and upgrading infrastructure. During this window period your email will continue to operate as usual, however access to the Control Panel will be restricted intermittently.


    * Change Window Start Date: Friday, August 29th, 2008 - 9:00 PM EST (0100 GMT).

    * Change Window End Date:  Friday, August 29th, 2008 - 11:59 PM EST (0359 GMT).

    * Impact Type: Loss of connectivity on the server randomly for the duration of the maintenance window.

    * Reason for Maintenance: Operating System reload on the server in order to enable future improvements and updates to H-Sphere.

    * Associated Change Request: CR000253154


4/19/08: Spam

You may notice a large number of spam messages in Outlook between 2:44am and 2:47am 4/19/07. We lowered the threshold on the anti-spam filters after a few complaints of customer emails being blocked. After the change, we received 74 spams’ the first minute and quickly changed it back. We will try to address the lost message problem by re-evaluating the keyword lists. All customer inquiries and orders sent through the Secure Server are not affected, as they are actually from GB to GB. There is a .0009% chance a customer message sent conventionally will be deleted as spam, but one should never rely solely on email to communicate with a customer. We recommend occasional follow up calls to ensure nothing is missed.


4/18/08: How do you do it?

Apparently, many customers and competitors wonder how we (the IT department) do what we do - over 3,000 pages of content and over 200 domains, with top 10 search rankings. Well, there is no way we would ever divulge any secrets, but there are certain “do’s” and “don’ts”. We do everything on the “do” list (and have made a few discoveries in the process) and try not to do anything on the “don’t” list.


Are our sites perfect? No, there are always changes in the works and new pages planned. That’s when we’re not addressing other hardware, software and networking issues.


Are we going to fill the sites with interactive flash graphics? No, we don’t feel customers visit for entertainment, and reworking every page to reflect the new “theme” would not be cost effective. And, “flashy” sites are distracting.



We are going to schedule a maintenance window in order to perform an upgrade our @mail (Atmail) version this weekend, April 22nd at 9:00 P.M EST.


ETA of such maintenance work is between 2 to 3 hours from start to finish.


We are switching from the Perl version to the PHP version of Atmail.

Inherently, without any major changes, the PHP version is supposed to run faster than the Perl version.


Other improvements, include, a cleaner user interface, more security settings, functional PGP built in encryption etc.


4/11/08: Photo Contest

Thanks to every employee that participated in the photo contest, particularly the NYC and NJ branches. We still need some landmark photos, such as DC, Vegas, or any recognizable landmark (with a GB vehicle or battery in the frame). See email memo.


  Special interest photos that could not be used on the GB sites, but worth checking out.



Please remember:

No competitive logos.

Centered if possible and well lit.

Turn your camera’s time/date stamp OFF.

No face pictures of non-employees.

Send full size images – we will crop if necessary.

If you notice a photo op., take several shots and send all – we will choose the best.

All photos must have something to do with GB, it’s products or services.




  Employees in the frame should be working!             Photos should be straight and clear!




             Decals must be straight!                                 GB logo should be clearly visible 



              Shops should be free of clutter



3/08: Monthly Statistics – Visits

February 2007 set another record for unique visitors to the site, and March is on track to break the record.



Please be aware of the following addition to regular Server Maintenance.


We have identified an extraordinary amount of unchecked mail on the mail servers and have decided to perform a regular "cleanup" to free up these resources. We will be removing any messages that have resided on the mail servers for more than 6 months, without being read. This will not impact mail that has been read and left for storage, only messages that have not been accessed/checked at all for more than 6 months.


If you have any concerns or feedback, please feel free to share them with us.


Nov 22 2006: Windows Vista Operating System

We have tested the new operating system. Pro’s – It takes advantage of the 64 bit systems 2K and XP (32bit) can’t. Con’s – None of the software and most hardware we currently have available will not run without downloading updated drivers from every vendor. It’s very unlikely we will be switching any time soon. Plus, there will be bugs hackers will exploit until they are found and fixed.


Employees may feel free to experiment on their personal laptops / home computers (do a full back up first), but under no circumstances should they attempt to install it on any company owned systems. It takes one full day to get everything working and we cannot be burdened with these issues at this time. It will also result in disciplinary action (sect. 412.2-A emp. handbook).


10/06: Monthly Statistics – Operating Systems

It’s always interesting to see which operating systems our visitors are running.


Operating Systems








98.5 %


Windows XP


59.7 %

Windows NT


0.1 %

Windows Me


1 %

Windows CE


1.7 %

Windows 98


1.7 %

Windows 95


0.3 %

Windows 2003


0.5 %

Windows 2000


33.3 %



0 %




0 %



0 %




0 %

Red Hat


0 %



0 %



0 %

GNU Linux (Unknown or unspecified distribution)


0 %



0.4 %


Mac OS X


0.4 %

Mac OS


0 %



0.9 %




0.9 %



0 %


How to utilize multiple monitors:


<<This section is being updated this week 9/2/08>>



Portrait Mode:


Landscape Mode:


COMBO – Landscape & Portait:


Monitor Set Up:


Checking network connection speed


(4) Quad Core Processors:


(1) Dual Core Processor:



CNN.COM: Nearly half of top Web sites provide lousy service

This has nothing to do with us, but we have found that in most cases, large companies do take way too long to respond to inquiries.