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In science and technology, a battery is a device that stores chemical energy and makes it available in an electrical form. Batteries consist of electrochemical devices such as two or more “cells”. The modern development of batteries started with the Voltaic pile.

Formally, an electrical "battery" is an interconnected array of similar voltaic cells ("cells"). However, in many contexts it is common to call a single cell used on its own a “battery”.

Battery pack

Set of any number of (preferably) identical batteries or individual battery cells. They may be configured in a series, parallel or a mixture of both to deliver the desired voltage, capacity, or power density.




un ou plusieurs éléments équipés des dispositifs nécessaires pour lemploi, par exemple boîtier, bornes, marquage et dispositifs de protection 


batterie de

banc de

 ensemble de dispositifs de même type montés de façon à agir conjointement

NOTE Des exemples demploi de ce concept sont: batterie d'accumulateurs, batterie de condensa-teurs, banc de filtres.


 DE ... bank (in Zusammensetzungen)

... batterie (in Zusammensetzungen)  


ES banco de...

batería de 


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