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Ampere-hour (Ah)

Commonly used to measure the capacity of industrial batteries. An ampere-hour (abbreviated as Ah or A-h) is a unit of electric charge. One ampere-hour is equal to 3600 coulombs (ampere-seconds), and is the amount of electric charge transferred by a steady current of one ampere for one hour. A current of one amp for one hour would be one amp-hour; a current of 3 amps for 5 hours would be 15 AH.

The ampere-hour is a unit frequently used in measurements associated with electrochemical proceses such as electroplating and electrical batteries. Although it is not a direct measure of the energy in a battery (like the joule (J) or watt-hour (Wh)), it is a common rating of how long a battery will last (or in the case of a rechargeable battery, how long it will last when fully charged).

The commonly seen milliampere-hour (mAh) is equal to 3.6 coulombs.


Additional information:

FR: capacité (d'un accumulateur)  

Quantité d'électricité (charge électrique), généralement exprimée en ampères-heure (Ah), qu'une batterie complètement chargée peut débiter dans des conditions spécifiées  

DE: Kapazität (einer galvanischen Zelle)

ES: capacidad (de una batería) 



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